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Retail Therapy: Kohl’s Back to School

Ah, my favorite season is approaching- the crossroads between the temperatures still being warm, but not cold enough to wish it were Summer again… FALL!

PSL’s and Boots galore!

I was given a complimentary gift card to check out my local Kohls, and put my years of shopping savvy to use right as tons of back to school sales were advertised everywhere.

My shopping experience at Kohl’s was easy and straightforward. The floors were clean, racks super organized, and honestly it was not the usual Kohls I’ve experienced from when I was a regular shopper there back in the day. I could actually find the correct sizes in the clearance rack – something I had already dismissed as nearly impossible, I assumed.

The associates greeting me were all friendly and offered to locate anything I needed help with, but since I had given myself a strict $50 budget for the trip, didn’t feel their assistance was needed just yet. I figured I’d do a lap of the clothing and shoes then see what jumped out at me.

I found a cute denim jacket with detailing on clearance for $17, down from $59. I was pretty stoked since it matched the textured dark green suede lace-back tank I grabbed on my way to the shoe section and I need some medium-warmth jackets for the upcoming season. I was already feeling like I could leave with my mission accomplished- but on my way to the register, next to the sparkly keychains (ooh sparkly things!) I found a choker set that had my name all over it.

When checking out, the process was pretty quick until my lace-back tank rang up higher than advertised, so I had to walk all the way back over to double check the price, which they corrected after confirmation. I think I was in and out, with three new cute pieces for fall, in about an hour, and less than $50 spent, which gives me money for a Pumpkin Spice Latte as soon as I feel the urge. Bawss.

The opinions and experience of my trip to Kohls is my own. I received a complimentary giftcard from Influenster to Kohls for testing purposes but that did not alter the shopping experience I received.

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