TKC Fall Treats Series: Pumpkin Pie & Almond Crumble Fat Bombs

It’s still bright and 80 degrees here in Saint Louis, but it’s chilly and overcast in my pumpkin-filled dreams. Today at World Market I found Torani SF Pumpkin Pie syrup 30% off – and no, it wasn’t expired (not even close- no expiration roulette today)


Paired with an additional 10% off email coupon I received for joining their loyalty program, this bottle of ugg-encouraging, Splenda-sweetened bliss was $5.70 at checkout!

Even more exciting was the remaining pure pumpkin puree chillin in my fridge from the Ketohacked pumpkin spice muffins I inhaled shared.

Introducing pumpkin puree to pumpkin pie syrup was a welcome distraction from cleaning my house, so I went all in and created some yummy fat bombs to appease my “creative spark”.

In this recipe, the nut butter and almonds can be modified/swapped, and I have a few suggestions on alternate pumpkin pie mix-ins.

Super Quick Instructions:

Soften/let the packs of cream cheese thaw. I’m impatient, so I tossed the cream cheese in a small mixing bowl, then microwaved it for 30 seconds, stirring with a silicone spatula. It took a total of 90 seconds (30 seconds, stir x 3)

Add the pumpkin, SF sweetener, pumpkin spice, swerve, and the optional almond butter, folding everything together once the cream cheese lumps seem to be minimal. The almond butter is optional but adds a certain richness to these bombs that I felt was lacking otherwise.

pumpkin bomb

The chopped almonds are also optional, but I encourage trying them because they not only add some additional fat, the crunch from the yummy toasted almond flavor is what adds an element of pie crust, and the mix of textures boosts this up to 11, in my opinion. If you want to go super simple, don’t toast the almonds, but toasting them in a pan on low heat for about five minutes will draw out the yummy almond oil and make them much more flavorful. If you’re skeptical, that’s cool, but try it at least once.

NOTE: If you’re watching macros, I’d probably add only the toasted almonds, and skip the almond butter. Because I workout with some high intensity stuff, I wanted a denser, richer fat bomb.


  • After eating about a quarter of the entire mix, put the rest into silicone molds, which can now be found at tons of common places- Target’s $3 bin had some last week, but I grabbed a few from Ikea back when I was super hippy into making my own toilet bowl cleaner bombs, and my own shower fizzing tabs, and these were never used (Don’t ever mix non-food molds with food molds).molds

    If you just want to eat this stuff immediately, go for it, but to me the mix flavor almost intensifies after chilling in the fridge for a few hours. The liquid from the pumpkin may release a little into the mix, which is normal, just mix it back into the goods and you’re on your fat-lovin way.

Alternate Prep: Instead of sectioning these off into bombs,  I also prepared a second batch of this to be a dip, for a party I have in a few days. I’m not always that put together, but damn it felt good to be a gangster. Serve the dip on a large flat serving platter, and put low carb graham crackers made with almond flour around the dip. Or, just keep a bowl of this in the fridge and eat a few bites when your fall craving to be basic kicks in. I have no shame in admitting for me, that’s basically a daily thing Sept-December.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more keto-pumpkin dishes, so stay tuned.

Happy Keto-Pumpkin season!


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