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Review: November Keto Delivered Box

I’m a sucker for themed things. When I opened the November Keto Delivered box, I was admittedly a little giddy to try a few of the items together ala peanutbutter n jelly. Plus, I have been neglecting my keto pantry as of late, so any keto treats are good keto treats.  Below is a breakdown of the KetoDelivered items, along with macros and overall box rating.

In case you’re interested in skipping past the 7 item breakdowns, a quick summary; Lots of familiar faces in this box.  All good, trustworthy friends that you can rely on. Nothing that I absolutely disliked, just some standing out in the small details compared to other items. If this box were a drink at a bar, it would be my vanilla vodka with diet coke.

Overall Rating from Most Enjoyed to Least Enjoyed:

  1. Keto Kookie Birthday Cake flavored keto cookies
  2. Milkadamia vanilla unsweetened macadamia milk
  3. Good Dees Muffin Mix
  4. Chomps original meat stick
  5. Galangso Cocoa Dry Rub
  6. KZ Clean eating Muesli
  7. SunBiotics Cheesy Chipotle Pumpkin Seeds

2 minute quick unboxing of items

Keto Kookie:

2net carbs for two whole cookies? Sign me up. Seriously though, these cookies are more of a home-made, kinda crumbly texture than other cookies on the market. The macros and ingredients are cleaner than something Beyonce would cleanse with, and they taste pretty damn good too.  I just wish they were slightly thicker so I could do the dunk-in-Milkadamia Milk move, but hey, first world problems.

Milkadamia Milk

Smooth, light, and slightly flavored but without tons of extra additives, Milkadamia is a pantry staple in my house. When I’m crunched on time and haven’t made my own almond milk, or if I’m traveling and know I can’t drink all of my own before it spoils (no gums = short fridge life), Milkadamia is my solution. The unsweetened vanilla flavor is my favorite and I was super happy to get a box of this to go with the Keto Kookies and the GoodDees mix.


Muesli: Full of lots of low carb nuts and seeds, but without a clearly identifiable or strong flavor of any one thing in particular – that said, when eating clean ingredients I’m also happy it doesn’t taste like fifteen different chemicals.



A hundred calorie meatstick that packs a nice flavor punch, Chomps were a nice find in this month’s box. Traveling a lot means I always need something to snack on in case my flight is delayed and this came in handy in that exact situation. The Chomps line carries a few flavors but the original is currently my favorite- clean macros, no additives, and distribution has now reached to a lot of retailers including Trader Joes, making this lowcarb treat accessible and easy.