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Egg Fasts: Useful to me, boring to others

Egg fasting is simply a fat fast. It’s a temporary deviation from the usual 70-75% fat intake, somewhere between 80-90% fat intake for a few days. After my recent accident,it seemed my body was holding on to extra water as a souvenir from medications & anesthesia. For the first time since changing my lifestyle, I deliberately sought pumpkin pie concretes (a mid-western version of a blizzard but with custard) as dinner for nearly a week. It simply was comforting and easy to eat when it hurt to move my body.

Egg Fast MotivationsBanned from exercise until recovered, I realized sweating out the bloat wasn’t an option, so I revisited a good reset tool I’ve enjoyed previously – egg fasts. My primary goal was to simply heal my gut, reduce inflammation, and eat simple keto food where I didn’t have to worry about macros. Personally, if I would have told myself the fast was punishment for the sugar-laden dinners, I don’t think that would have been healthy. I enjoy eggs so I wasn’t feeling like another egg fast was a bad idea. Read on for how I personally egg fast along with my top 5 non-boiled egg recipes that get me through the meals. PS: The only hard-boiled egg I ate during my most recent egg fast were from the salad bar, chopped up, and whipped into a velvety egg-salad dip for my cheese. Keto really is awesome.

General Guidelines I personally follow:

  1. Aft least 6 eggs per day
  2. Eat within an hour of waking
  3. 1:1 ratio of egg to fat, up to 6 oz of cheese daily
  4. Portion control is better than tracking during this period
  5. SF sweetener is allowed only for coffee and egg mug-cake/custard
  6. At least 90 oz of electrolyte water daily
  7. No boiled eggs till the last day
  8. Animal fat is okay to cook with
  9. If at any time I start to feel overly restricted or food obsessing for what else I’d rather eat, I stop the fast.

That’s it. Super simple. Just a temporary change from my norm, is all.

Now, for the top five recipes I find myself making every time I egg fast.

  1. Buffalo omelet- Simply cook the eggs (I also added some Dak’s Buffalo seasoning to the eggs pre/post cook) along with a few dashes of onion salt. I usually do 3 or 4 egg omelets, adding 1 oz butter to the pan, and 2 or 3 oz softened cream cheese to the middle and fold the omelet over, covering with a lid for a minute. Remove from pan and drizzle with frank’s red hot sauce. This one never gets old!
  2. Mug custard: Four yolks whisked with heavy cream and baked in a water bath with some vanilla, flavoring or sweetener drops of choice, and melted butter.
  3. Cheesy egg tostada: layer 2 oz shredded cheese in nonstick skillet, let cook till bubbling for a few minutes, then crack two eggs over the top. Season and cover with a lid for about 2 minutes depending upon your yolk choice.

    Cheesy Egg Tostada
  4. Egg Squared: Break the yolks of two eggs that are cooking in a pan. I have a cookie cutter I use to contain the shape like an egg mcmuffin like I really mean business. I then add two ounces sliced sharp cheddar, making the cheese into a sandwich using the eggs. Then I dunk it in a little mayo with lemon juice mixed in.
  5. Cream Cheese pancakes: Blend an ounce of soft cream cheese to every egg used. I add pumpkin pie spice, a few monk fruit drops, and an ounce of melted butter. Top with more butter, after cooked like pancakes. It’s so good.
Cream cheese pancakes


Spices, seasonings, and new combinations of different cheeses along with different cooking methods are all easy ways to try an egg fast and not hate it. If you have any other recipes you love or have tried, please let me know!


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