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Ketohaul! “Keto grocery haul from Trader Joe’s!” on YouTube

New & fave keto foods from Trader Joes

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(Holiday Cooking 2017) Keto Pork Mushroom Stuffing with Pili Nuts

The holidays are a mixed bag of emotions for anyone entertaining guests. Filled with excitement, dread, and possibly remorse, this year I set out to not compromise on my own personal nutritional plans and if others wanted to try some of the yummy food (who can deny bacon wrapped scallops drenched in butter?) they were… Continue reading (Holiday Cooking 2017) Keto Pork Mushroom Stuffing with Pili Nuts

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Review: November Keto Delivered Box

I'm a sucker for themed things. When I opened the November Keto Delivered box, I was admittedly a little giddy to try a few of the items together ala peanutbutter n jelly. Plus, I have been neglecting my keto pantry as of late, so any keto treats are good keto treats.  Below is a breakdown… Continue reading Review: November Keto Delivered Box