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Ketohaul! “Keto grocery haul from Trader Joe’s!” on YouTube

New & fave keto foods from Trader Joes

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Egg Fasts: Useful to me, boring to others

Egg fasting is simply a fat fast. It's a temporary deviation from the usual 70-75% fat intake, somewhere between 80-90% fat intake for a few days. After my recent accident,it seemed my body was holding on to extra water as a souvenir from medications & anesthesia. For the first time since changing my lifestyle, I… Continue reading Egg Fasts: Useful to me, boring to others

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Review: November Keto Delivered Box

I'm a sucker for themed things. When I opened the November Keto Delivered box, I was admittedly a little giddy to try a few of the items together ala peanutbutter n jelly. Plus, I have been neglecting my keto pantry as of late, so any keto treats are good keto treats.  Below is a breakdown… Continue reading Review: November Keto Delivered Box