Keto for Beginners: 11 Tips to Stay on Track

Trapeze pic to connect to how it's like learning keto
Taking the plunge into a low carb, high fat diet can be scary. Any change can be scary! Read on for some tips to stick with it, long term. You got this.

1. Eliminate variables as you try things. Trackers can vary by 200-500 calories as well as ratio recommendations. Try something for a week & pay attention to how it does or doesn’t work for you, including protein based on the needs of only your body. No website will know exactly how your body actually responds.
2. Take progress pics monthly at least. Not only from myself but many of my keto friends have all said this is a big regret from our beginning that leads to our beginning! Even if you’re unhappy with what you see, it will give you something to see progress in, for those times the scale may not move as quickly as hoped.
3. Patience. Trying keto for two weeks, only to feel miserable and wreck your metabolism while doing so isn’t worth the quick weight you may lose. I’ve heard strangers say they “tried keto for a week and felt miserable so gave it up”. Give your body at least a full month to transition which includes potentially lighter workouts.
4. Learn your triggers & patterns. Any successful weight loss journey also means losing bad habits. When do you find yourself snacking or overeating? Is there a certain routine you have that includes food when it shouldn’t? Moments of stress or emotion can trigger our desire to eat. Paying attention to these behaviors to undo years of the same thing can be hard.
5. Rebuild then re-introduce. Quitting sweets only to increase your splenda increase by 1000% every time you crave sugar doesn’t get you much further ahead. Purging all refined foods gives you greater insight to how your body responds to certain foods or artificial sweeteners when you start using them.
6. Connect with others, compete with yourself. The only person’s macros or nsv’s that matter most, are yours. Lamenting your slip up, or someone’s impressive numbers will only lead to defeat. Focus on just being better than yesterday instead of the noise, but still supoort & celebrate other’s wins!

7. Learn 3 things you like to make or eat on keto:
– something you can make in 20 mins or less
– something you can take to a social event & no one would even question if it’s low carb
– something that you’d eat for days in a row if you had to
8. Bulletproof coffee is not a silver bullet. It’s not a requirement to drink a 400cal morning beverage loaded with oil. My morning coffee is about 100-150 calories depending on the day, 2net carbs.
9. Prepare for the haters. As popular as keto has become, tons of fearful, misguided & uninformed folks still exist. They suddenly have an opinion about you doing something for yourself or comment on how unhealthy this is. It may also manifest in the form of peer/family pressure. End of the day, you go home to your choices – which would you be happier with?

10. Community is key. Sharing your struggles with those who know it best, is one of the best perks of keto. Most of us aren’t jerks & want to see you thrive, so you too can help others. I’ve never been so open & honest with a group of people as with Keto & every time I am, I get rewarded 10 fold. Connect & find your own mini-community within the community.
11. At best, we all only have about 75% of an idea of what we’re doing & the other part is embracing mistakes & asking questions. Prepare to simply overlook an ingredient in a dish while eating out, or pop a cookie because it was the first thing you saw after a workout. Every change comes with mistakes and lessons learned from those mistakes, so embrace them and focus on your why whenever in doubt.

What do you want to know about Keto ?

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