Beginning Stats

Although I’ve lost (and usually gained) 10 pounds through weight watchers, whole 30, etc, I’m focusing on my Ketogenic lifestyle beginning stats. I wish I would have taken my measurements when I first started. I have a measuring tape and everything, it just sounded like too much work, which is very ironic.

As of May 19, 2017:

  • 189
  • 5’7
  • Jeans size: 12, Dress Size 12/14
  • Average Day of Food: Tracking through Myfitness pal, but average caloric intake between 1500-2200 calories, and around 200g of carbs
  • Average Day of Work: Lots of meetings, and thus, sitting


  • Drop 3-4 pants sizes: I think my frame can get down to a size 6. I’d like to try and see.
  • Decrease excess fat storage in my body
  • Reduce snacking (which is something I have drilled deeply into my brain)
  • Practice and begin intermittent fasting to reduce caloric intake and use the caloric fuel I’ve consumed.

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