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TKC Fall Treats Series: Tumeric Pumpkin Pecan Muffins with Cream Cheese

Fall is [almost] here!

Basic and fully okay with it.

Keto baked goods are almost a forbidden thing within the low carb lifestyle.  Sure, low carb alternatives exist, but usually it requires tons of additives and other stuff to mask the texture or offputting flavor. At first mention of a pre-order for good tasting, low carb muffin mix from Good Dees’s, I insta-bought a few packages of not only the muffins but some other yummy flavors, which will be in the product review page once they’re all sampled.

PS: Discount code at bottom of post!

With the recent onset of cooler nights and Halloween decorations in stores, I figured trying some variations of pumpkin with the Good-Dees low carb muffin mix was pretty much a no-brainer. Plus, since the muffin ingredients were already combined and just needed some oil and egg, I had more time to raid my pantry for possible seasonal additions to the muffin mix. These types of hacks, using a partially pre-made component with some personal add-in/ons is one of my favorite ways to save time but still keep it keto.01-11-17-03-48-49_GD-Banner-300x200

For this recipe, I followed the instructions and ingredients in one package of Good Dees Muffins, adding three eggs and half of the 120g of coconut oil. I then added 60g of pure organic pumpkin. This will increase the carb count when distributed across 12 muffins, but not by much.  I added the vanilla as on the package, along with 1tsp tumeric, 1tsp pumpkin spice seasoning, .25 tsp almond extract, and about 1TBSP powdered swerve sweetener. I was a little worried about the mix still being too goopy, and was prepared to add 1-2 TSBP almond flour if needed, but opted not to and it seems like that was a good call. The texture was super moist without falling apart.


To mix this mix party up even more, I opted to put the following toppings on/in the muffins after pouring them into individual silicone cupcake liners.

  • Toasted pepitas
  • Salted pumpkin seeds, unshelled
  • Lily’s mini chocolate chips
  • Toasted and salted pecan halves
  • Cream cheese
  • Extra pumpkin spice seasoning dusted on top
The one missing it’s top was due to testing for perfect doneness.

I combined 1-2 of the toppings on each muffin.

The winner? Cream cheese toasted pecan. I had my suspicions I’d like it best, but had to taste all of them after, just to be sure, because science.

Winner of the pumpkin muffin taste-test

With one of my remaining muffin mixes, I’m hoping to pull off some type of pumpkin-halloween candy inspired muffin that’s still keto friendly.

Here’s a link I have for 15% off your GoodDees order! That’s basically like a free PSL!

*At time of writing, this is an unsolicited post. I have included affiliate links which does not affect the price paid. I paid for these mixes myself and the opinions are my own*

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